Starting from year 2008, Soulmate has offered wedding ring and jewellery creations of exceptional quality. Treasured ideas turned to wearable artwork in the hands of skilled craftmen, Soulmate also provides after sales service worthy of its value. Services and repairs are performed by specialised jewellers and polishers capable of working on daily wear and treasured items.

Following services is available at our store:

– Cleaning. The deep thorough cleaning helps restore each jewellery its perfect luster by removing dirt and debris. This complimentary service can be done anytime you visit our shop.

– Polishing. Polishing restores the original smooth surface and preciousness of your Soulmate piece by eliminating any superficial scratches. White gold is subject to rhodium plating a precious metal that is layered on to bring back the original vivid white shine.

– Engraving. Manual or Laser engraving options are available at a small cost. Both has its own possibilities of fonts and character limits.

– Size alterations. This service is available for rings, necklaces and bracelets. There are certain limitations to resize certain models due to their unique design. We will inform you about the resizing specifications of each model.

*Additional services are available. Feel free to contact us should you require personal advice about your collection.

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